Commercial Photography

The look of your business is an ambassador who will entice the client. 

That look is not an accident.

For anyone who prefers to go for a photographer who produces relevant, eye-catching images that focus attention, increase engagement and convert traffic to an inquiry for their business; here you are.

Careful planning and then a photoshoot reflecting that desired ‘look’ will make a big difference to your public profile, especially in today’s world of the electronic age and digital media. 

Web sites, magazines, advertising, company conferences, entertainment, social media, and corporate headshots.

I will provide you quality at an affordable price for numerous occasions. I have a specialty in photography that shares with your community why you do what you do. 

I will help you take your customers and loyal followers on a journey behind the scenes, sharing with them the main activities and the passion you and your team put into your work. 

I have seen everything in the field and am well-accustomed to every situation. I am creative and fun, and I will enhance the trust you have in my work.

I have a knack for knowing what you want and I will deliver a better product faster and with less headache than any competitor.

Contact Us:


0447 496 183


Company Information:

Kapturlight Pty Ltd. T/A Michael Petersen Photography

Director: Michael Petersen

ABN:  390 561 08 635

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