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When you need any type of photography service, Michael Petersen photography is your best choice; Professional photography in Cairns; Creative Portrait photography; Real Estate photography..



City Lights Hotel and Green Island Ferry Terminal

For Simply Amazing Photography That Perfectly Captures Your Commercial Image

My company has been offering exceptional high-quality professional Cairns photography services for a wide range of commercial creative needs for a number of years.

If you are looking to promote your business, then why not use one of our Cairns photographers to take superb pictures of your staff, premises, products, and services?

As the old saying goes, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words,’ and booking a commercial photography shoot for your business helps you to promote your services, to sell your products, and, above all create visual engagement with your customers.

Our experienced commercial photographic services cover everything and anything from government service providers, small or large businesses, real estate, and construction and mining companies to agriculture and web designers.

We believe that with our clients demanding more outdoor marketing campaigns, the need for ultra-premium imagery has never been higher.

We capture these work scenes in a series of striking, professional images, ensuring that your expensive marketing campaign may come and go but will never be forgotten.

Montarge of portraits, real estate photos, commercial photos

Specialising in lifestyle and advertising photography in the Cairns, we can offer you an exceptionally strong photographic image that easily captures any mood or any moment giving your business the creative identity it needs.

Nothing beats the thrill of capturing on film the narrative that accompanies the image – our distinctive style enables us to deliver creative, beautifully lit pictures, whatever the circumstance and environment your business is.

Our extensive knowledge of Cairns and the local areas and what works best for this specific commercial market area means we are in a unique position to focus on our photography campaigns in the best way possible for your business.

Cairns Photography Services include full location shoots, professional retouching, and of course, the high quality, full-resolution images on completion.

We work by shooting at various times during the day and using multiple angles of composition, thereby producing images that are a record of your business’ activity and a graphic and dynamic memory of an image in its own right.

Our photographers strive to not only capture the advertisement in-situ but also to create an impact on the surrounding area, which adds movement and energy to the picture, therefore, giving your commercial pictures the ‘wow’ factor.

Our Cairns photography is delivered to you as a beautifully finished product of the highest professional quality.

Every photo assignment we are commissioned on is different, and we specialize in creating a set of commercial photographs tailored to your own specific business, whether it’s a small, local business or a huge global brand.

Our experience and skill in this diverse commercial visual world are second to none in the world of Cairns photography – don’t just take our word for it, check out what our clients say about us on our website

So, if you need a Cairns photographer who is always on budget and on time, and who can produce outstanding images of your commerce, then you should contact me today.

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