Architectural photography can sometimes be rather challenging as it is crucial to capture the building at just the right light and from just the right angle in order to bring out the best features of it.

However it is not always easy to achieve the ultimate shot as there are a lot of factors that need to be considered: some can be controlled and others can not.

Obstructions like trees and power lines can often pose problems, and bright light and shadows need to be avoided. Very often the vertical lines of buildings can be distorted when standing too close.

When shooting the Edmonton Shopping centre I was very lucky to have near perfect conditions: the sky was slightly overcast, which gave me the soft, diffused light of the late afternoon - no glaring sunshine.

I elevated my vantage point by standing on a ladder and by doing so I could avoid those distorted lines that you often get when standing up too close. Lucky also that there were no obstruction in the way to distract from the view. 

To achieve the correct perspective and depth I used a wide angle fixed lense which made it  possible to capture the whole shopping centre at just the right angle.

For the shopping centre to come alive it was important for me to have people in the composition of the pictures as well as a passing car - they really make the scene come alive and look busy.

So as a professional photographer I put a lot of thought into the creation of my pictures and I love the challenge of overcoming obstacles to achieve the ultimate shot.

Here is the result: some stunning photographs of the Edmonton Shopping Centre:

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